Update: The 10th ficlet is done, so this offer is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Note: Vacation is looming, so it looks like the ficlets stop at 9. (Though if someone left a tenth prompt, I'd certainly consider it when I return.)


I've never done drabbles, but I'm unlikely to post anything more before I go on vacation so I'm picking up this offer from [livejournal.com profile] trishabooms and [livejournal.com profile] kitty_trio:

The first ten people to comment on this post get to request a drabble from me. In return, you have to post this meme in your journal. (If you want to.)

So, for the first 10 commenters...I'll do Karl or any Karl character (except Riddick/Vaako since I'm already working on "Only the Strong"), any pairing with him you'd like, het or slash. Post any specific request/prompt (if you come up against a personal squick of mine I'll let you know). Just realize I don't guarantee how it'll turn out, since I've never written this format before.

BUT...please note I don't do actor!fic. Any RPF will be AU.


I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who took the time to comment. I really appreciate your thoughts on the stories I've posted here.

To give a little background, the company I've worked 10+ years for may be sold off/laying off soon, and it seems that people I thought were friends have decided the best way to keep their own jobs is to put down their colleagues. You can't say anything because it's the boss's pals doing it. I mean, I know I do a good job (and have got the reviews to prove it), but after a while it really starts to wear you down and make you question yourself.

So it's very reassuring and encouraging to hear from you that I was right in thinking that I was letting things warp my perspective. I'll certainly keep your comments in mind next time I'm thinking of hitting the delete key.


Have you ever looked at something you've written, decided it's crap, started looking at pieces you've previously written and decided it's all crap and it's better to just take it all down and quit while you're ahead?

Well, I'm not quite at that point, but I'm definitely not seeing much to recommend in my stuff. (I'll also admit that this may be a spillover from some real-life stress/self-esteem issues that I can't do much about right now.)

So I think I need a reality check, and I'm asking for your help. If you've ever enjoyed something of mine, I'd appreciate if you'd take a moment and drop a quick line listing something you like about my writing, and maybe something that needs improvement or something you'd like to see more of. (Not "post more often", though, please; I'm aware that would be at the top of everyone's list, at least as far as "Only the Strong" is concerned.)

I apologize if this sounds whiny---I'm thinking if I let this mood settle I'll be in for a serious case of writer's block.

...usually in ecstasy or release. ;)

Link: http://www.prestonandsteve.com/audio/701.mp3

(If that doesn't work, go to www.prestonandsteve.com and scroll to "Most OD nut ever"---it's an actual audio clip of a man "roaring his release".)

By a margin of four votes, it's Prince Karl II: A young prince (Karl) ambushed in an untamed land is forced to hide his royal connections when he falls into the hands of a local warlord (Sean). Sean 34/Karl 21 I probably won't begin posting this story until it's essentially done.

Now, Karl's companions are all cast, but I'll admit I'm going to have a problem filling Sean's side of the story. You see, other than Eomer, the last blond I fancied in and of himself was A.J. Simon back in the day. (Now I tend to only notice a blond if he's paired with a personal fave, like Chakotay/Paris, Sawyer/Sayid, Karl/Sean, etc.)

So...here's a casting call: pitch me any blond actors and/or blonde actresses you'd like to see strolling around Sean's medieval-type castle. All ages, but they should be living and acting right now.

We have a winner, so comments are turned off.

OK, I've had another of those really weird dreams. (See the author's note on "First Blood" for an example.) There are three possible stories that could spin from it, and I'm curious if there's one that sparks more interest than the others. I've included ages because all of the characters are younger than the actors, to varying degrees.

I can't do polls, so if you have a pick, please let me know via the comments. The winner will be the next story worked on when "First Blood" wraps up, and this entry will be up until then.
Pick a Prince )

If you've been reading First Blood (or if you'd be so kind as to check out its four chapters), please revisit Chapter 4 and weigh in on the comments about pacing/level of detail. I'd appreciate knowing where folks fall in the spectrum of reactions. Anonymous posts are welcome, and please---really, please---disregard the drummed-in edict to "Say something nice or say nothing at all." I'm really more interested in honesty than social niceties. (And I promise not to hide in a corner saying "Woe is me!" I only do that when someone criticizes my cooking.)


P.S.: To quote Karl, please don't see coincidence as correlation, but fics will be delayed a week or so. Just got some freelance jobs and paying gigs always take priority. (Until I find someone willing to pay me to write porn.)



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