Afra-Schatz had a request on LJ for some Orlando voice!porn. Don't know if this fits the bill, but here it is.

Prompt from: afra-schatz
Codes: Karl/Orlando AU RPS
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Note: This entry has been updated.

Request from: samena
Prompt: Elijah/Karl
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Ack! "First Blood" is *not* supposed to turn into a tetralogy, even if the sequels showed up complete with characters, plots and spiffy titles (First Blood, Second Rising, Third Wave, Fourth Horseman).

Do you have *any* idea how many WIPs lurk on my hard drive? How can four vampire stories show up in a single week? (These three and the Hunter!Karl/Vampire!Sean one.) Four! I don't even read vampire stories!

Oh, dear...

Request from: Trin_chardin

Prompt: Sean/Karl post-“First Blood”

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Request From: Hoarmurath

Prompts: Sean as Victorian vampire/Karl as vampire hunter

Two drabbles, one for each POV
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Title: Helping Hands 0/6 (Draft Version)
Author: Jaye (Copyright April 2007)
Codes: AU RPS R (OMC/KU), (OB/OMC)

Summary: A tragedy and its aftermath.
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